How can I get more Energy?

There are also several ways to get energy. 

Buy Energy Refills

When your energy is too low to start another game you can refill your energy can immediately by using Tetris Cash.

When you see the window “Not Enough Energy”, click NO to skip using items in your Energy Bag. The next window will pop up and ask you if you want friends to help you, or use Tetris Cash to buy a refill. Click the “Buy Energy” button to instantly refill your Energy Can. If you have enough Tetris Cash, your Energy Can will immediately refill. If you don't have enough Tetris Cash, you will go to the “Get Tetris Cash” page to purchase more Tetris Cash.

You can purchase full Energy refills in the Shop. Every purchase of Energy refill will immediately fill up your Energy Can so you can go right back into the action.

Ask Friends for Energy

When you try to start another game but your Energy is too low and you don’t want to use your Energy Bag, you can send a request for Energy from your friends.

When you sent a request for Energy, they will see on their Facebook page that you need energy. If your friend clicks on ”Give Energy“, you will receive an Energy Pack found in your Energy Bag.

Level Up!

When you earn a set number of experience points, you will level up. Every time you level up, your Energy Can will be completely refilled!

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