Battle 2P Frequently Asked Questions


What is Battle 2P?

 Battle 2P is a game against one opponent to see who can send the most Solid lines or earn the most knockouts (KO points). Send Solid lines to your opponent by clearing 2 or more lines or by performing a combo. The more Solid lines the opponent receives, the higher the chance they will get knocked out.


What are KO points?

A KO or knockout point is earned when your opponent’s Matrix is filled with Garbage Lines and they cannot place any more Tetriminos. KO points are worth more than lines being sent. For instance, if you sent 10 lines and earned 2 KOs, while your opponent sent 30 lines and earned 1 KO, you are the winner of that game.

How do I send Solid lines?

Whenever you clear 2 or more lines with a single Tetrimino, you will send Solid lines to your opponent. You can also send Solid lines by performing combos.




What are combos?

Combos happen after you have cleared a line, and then the next piece you place must also clear a line. If you have an opportunity place another piece to clear another line afterwards, then you will continue the combo. The more combos you make, the more lines you send over to your opponent.




What are Bombs?

Bombs are special Minos that are use to get rid of Solid Lines by blowing them up! To trigger the Bombs, simply land a Tetrimino on top of it.



Can I turn on/off Bombs?

Before the start of a game, click on the "Options" button, go to the Bombs section, and set Bombs on or off.


When you turn on Bomb settings, your Solid Lines will have Bomb Minos. This will set the game to only allow players to get rid of your Solid Lines is by triggering the Bombs.

For example, if your opponent sends you 2 Solid Lines with Bomb Minos, you can only get rid of it by blowing it up with Bombs.


When you turn off the Bombs setting, you will set the game to only allow players to get rid of the Solid Lines by sending Solid Lines.

For example, if your opponent sends you 2 Solid Lines, you can only rid of it by sending back 2 or more Solid Lines.


What are Solid Lines?

Solid Lines are solid Garbage Lines sent when Bombs are turned off. Solid Lines can only be cleared by sending Solid Lines. For example, if your opponent sends you 3 Solid Lines, you need to send back 3 Solid Lines to get rid of them.


How can I clear Solid lines? (Bombs OFF)

In Battle 2P and Battle 6P, Solid lines can only be cleared by performing line attacks. For example, if an opponent sent you 3 Solid lines, you need to send back a line attack equivalent to 3 or more Solid lines in order to remove the existing solid lines in your playing field.  

What are maps?

Maps are setups of predefined blocks that can make battles fast, challenging, and introduce a different way of playing Battle games. When you select a map, your opponent and you will both have that map in a match.

Am I playing against Bots?

All of the games with a Facebook name and profile picture are real game plays from the actual player. If the server is unable to find a player, then the title AI will appear on the opponent’s name to tell you that it is an AI bot playing against you.

Why do I have more Concrete Lines than my friend has?

If you and your friends are playing against each other with different ranks, for example you are at rank 10 and they are rank 5, Battle 2P or Battle 6P will add Concrete Lines that cannot be cleared to balance the game. This way you will always having a challenging match regardless of your friend’s skill level.

We both have the same number of Sent Lines and KO's, who wins?

If you and your opponent have the same amount of sent lines and KO points, the winner is determined by the lowest height of stacked Tetriminos left on their screen when the game ends.

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