Battle 6P Frequently Asked Questions


What is Battle 6p?


Battle 6P is a game which you challenge 5 opponents to a competition of who can send the most Solid lines or earn the most knockouts (KO points).

Can I choose who to send the Solid Lines to?

No. However, you can time which player you want to send your Solid lines by looking out for the target that lights up in one of your opponent’s screens. When it lights up, whatever lines you send at that moment will be sent to that person.



How do I earn KO points?

In Battle 6P, every player has a chance of receiving lines from 5 other players. The one who sends the most lines that helps knock out the player wins the KO point.

Why do I have more Concrete Lines than my friend has?

If you and your friends are playing against each other with different ranks, for example you are at rank 10 and they are rank 5, Battle 2P or Battle 6P will add Concrete Lines that cannot be cleared to balance the game. This way you will always having a challenging match regardless of your friend’s skill level.

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