What is Tuning?

Give yourself the edge against your opponents by upgrading your controls for quicker handling and faster drops.

Left/Right Speed 
Be as nimble as a champ by upgrading your left and right speeds! The quicker you move, the better you can avoid being KOed by your opponents. 
Tip: This helps you maneuver your way out of a near KO in Battle 6P.

Line Clear Speed 
Set up your attacks quicker by upgrading your Line Clear speed. The faster the line clears, the faster you can send more lines than your opponent. 
Tip: This helps you get a shorter time in Sprint 4P.

Soft Drop Speed 
Dash ahead of your opponents by dropping your pieces faster than they can. The faster you can drop your pieces, the quicker you will force your foes to be a KOed. 
Tip: This helps you do T-Spins efficiently.

Next Piece Queue 
Stay ahead of the game by upgrading what you see in the next pieces in your game. 
Tip: This upgrade helps you plan ahead in making a Tetris (clear 4 lines at once).

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