What are the minimum requirements to play this game?

In order to play Tetris Battle your computer must be able to run Flash 11.2 or higher. iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and most cell phones will not be able to run our game.

Windows operating system
- Adobe Flash Player 11.2
- Firefox , Chrome, or Internet Explorer/Edge with JavaScript enabled

Mac OS X 10.3
- Adobe Flash Player 11.2
- Firefox, Chrome, or Safari with JavaScript enabled

- Adobe Flash Player 11.2
- Firefox, Chrome, or comparable browser with JavaScript enabled

Note: In order to install these components, you will need to be logged into an account with Administrative privileges. 

On most standard computers, this will be the default "Owner" or "Admin" that was created at the time the computer was set up originally. 

To enable JavaScript: https://www.java.com/en/download/help/enable_browser.xml

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