Where are my Tetris Cash? I have completed an offer.

Sometimes offers can take some time to be credited, especially when the company who offers the free credits has a processing time. Credit offers are managed by a service in conjunction with Facebook which you can review using the directions provided.

You may check the offer status page, which shows the list of offers that you have clicked on and which offer’s reward has been credited to you. You can also contact us about problems you have with an offer from there.

Image 2.pngImage_3.png

1. Login to Facebook
2. Go to Tetris Battle
3. Click on the "Earn Tetris Cash" tab
4. [pop up box titled "Earn Tetris Cash" will appear]
5. On the right, click on the "Help" link
6. Then, click on the "See My Offer Status" link



If it has been 1 business day since you completed an offer and you still haven’t received your rewards, please locate the offer on My Offer Status and click its "Report a problem" link to contact us. Note that you must have the advertiser's confirmation e-mail as proof of completion in order to claim missing rewards.



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