Line Attack Chart

Line Attack Chart

Understanding which line clear sends the most lines is key to success. In order to send Solid Lines to your opponents, you must clear 2 or more lines. Clearing 4 lines at once, also known as a Tetris line clear, will send your opponent 4 Solid Lines! Below is a list of actions and rewards in the game:



Single 0 Solid Lines
Double 1 Solid Line
Triple 2 Solid Lines
Tetris 4 Solid Lines
T-Spin (0 lines cleared) 0 Solid Lines
T-Spin Mini Single 1 Solid Lines
T-Spin Single 2 Solid Lines
T-Spin Double 4 Solid Lines
T-Spin Triple 6 Solid Lines
B2B Tetris 6 Solid Lines
B2B T-Spin Mini Single 2 Solid Lines
B2B T-Spin Single 3 Solid Lines
B2B T-Spin Double 6 Solid Lines
B2B T-Spin Triple 9 Solid Lines
Perfect Clear 10 Solid Lines!
  • B2B (Back-to-Back) The B2B bonus initiates when a Tetris or T-Spin line clear is performed when the previous line clear was a Tetris or T-Spin line clear.  The Back-to-Back sequence is only broken by a Single, Double, or Triple Line Clear. 
  • Perfect Clear
    After beginning a game, if you manage to clear your entire Matrix of blocks, you’ll send 10 Solid Lines. Fair warning: this is a lot tougher than it sounds!

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