Sprint Tips

When it comes to sprint, it's all about speed! The best way to improve your speed is to avoid unnecessary movements. Below are some examples that will help you do just that -

Lesson 1 - Understand your rotations. What may take 3 movements, may only take 1.  Knowing when to use the proper rotation is key to success!

HINT: When possible, try to drop Tetriminos without rotating at all.

Lesson 2 - Hold Less

The more you hold, the less time you spend stacking up Tetriminos and clearing them out of the Matrix.  Use holds when necessary, and avoid a dependency on the HOLD button when possible.

HINT: Look to the Next Queue and place the current Tetrimino based on what's coming next.

Lesson 3 - Keep your eye on the prize! Only Clear what you need to clear

Don't stack up Tetriminos unnecessarily, keep tabs on how many lines you have left and focus on clearing what you need to complete the 40 Line Dash!


With a little bit of Practice, you'll be sure to evolve your Tetris Skills! Good luck! 

Play Tetris Battle ~> http://bit.ly/IBBEaD

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