The Art of the T-Spin

The T-Spin has evolved the game of Tetris. Before, the strategy to success would be to create a large stack of lines and clear 4 simultaneously with the I piece (the maneuver is called a Tetris Line Clear). The Tetris Line Clear is still an exceptional strategy, but if you want to take your game to the next level, you'll need to learn how to T-Spin!

Step 1 - Setting up a T-Spin.

To set up a T-Spin, you must set up an opening that only a T-Piece can slide in and rotate into.  A "S" or "Z" piece is often useful in creating this slot, as illustrated below. T-Spin setups come in all shapes, forms and angles.

We suggest to start off with simple set ups. Practice and expand your t-spin setups to enhance your Tetris Skills! 

Step 2 - Performing a T-Spin Line Clear

Once you understand the T-Spin set up, it's time to start clearing lines with T-Spins. T-Spin line clears are a powerful attack.  Fill in the line horizontally, so that the t-spin maneuver will clear lines once completed. Clear 1 or 2 lines during this set up to send line attacks to your opponent. A T-Spin Double (two lines clear after performing the t-spin) is as powerful and rewarding as a Tetris Line Clear!




With a little bit of Practice, you'll be sure to evolve your Tetris Skills! Good luck!  

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