Issue Experienced: Lag

Greetings Players

This thread was created for players that are experiencing the following issues:

  • Game Loading Delay
  • Tetrimino Movement Delay (Pieces continuing to move after movement keys are pressed.)
  • Movement Lag Spike (Movement Key pushed, and piece does not respond immediately)
  • Gameplay Lag (Game appears to stop responding, then a few seconds later begins responding again.)
  • Flash Lag (Flash Interface Delay, button interaction delay)

Unfortunately, lag issues are very difficult to troubleshoot as there are many possible reasons for lag.  Reasons include the computer system, computer browser, memory, internet connectivity, bandwidth, network hops, time of day, etc.  We're continuing to explore better ways to optimize the code-base to help minimize lag. In the meantime, here are a few tips you can try on your end to help minimize the lag if you are one of the unlucky users experiencing it.

1. **Start fresh.**
If your browser is always open and/or running in the background, close all windows, then reopen the browser program to start with a clean slate.  

2. **Close other browsers/browser windows.**
If you have many browser windows open, or even worse, multiple browsers running at the same time. This can really drain the resources, so try closing those down to see if that helps.

3. **Check network activity.**
Are you sharing your bandwidth with other internet users?  Other users in your household may be consuming network bandwidth by watching videos, playing games, etc.  

4. **Reduce the graphics quality.**
If you right mouse click anywhere on the game, several options will appear. Click on *"Quality"* then select *"Low"* or *"Medium"* for better performance. This will make some of the images appear more jagged/less smooth, but this will help reduce the time it takes to render the images, which should help speed-up the processing time.

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